Role Description


Job Title: Head of Asset Management

Location: Leeds

Responsible to: Director of Assets and Development

Reporting: (See Organisation Chart)


The Head of Asset Management has lead responsibility for the following.. To:

  • formulate an evidence-based strategy for the maintenance and improvement of Leeds Federated’s built assets, designed to deliver long term improvements in value for money and optimise asset performance
  • lead the delivery of that strategy, working in partnership with internal and external stakeholders
  • provide leadership and expertise in ensuring that we meet the needs and strengths of customers, prospective customers, and stakeholders through the delivery of high-quality asset management services which meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • specify and procure contracts necessary to deliver our maintenance and asset management activities
  • manage the performance of those contracts effectively and within the context of an agreed budget and business plan
  • co-ordinate and deliver services to ensure that all built assets are compliant with all relevant health & safety legislation, regulatory requirements, and the agreed aspirations for Leeds Federated in relation to good practice

As a key member of the operations directorate, you’ll:

  • take an intelligent, innovative and business-aware approach to asset management, enabling us to take informed decisions on the targeting of future investment
  • lead the delivery of key operational services including responsive maintenance, planned component replacements, and safety critical testing and inspection services
  • identify opportunities to deliver greater efficiency and productivity in our services, maximising synergies between parallel work streams and realising the potential of technology to continue to transform our business


customer service

  • Ensure delivery of excellent customer service in maintenance, property investment, and asset management activities, working in partnership with the customer service team to deliver high levels of satisfaction
  • Liaise effectively with Service Improvement Team colleagues to ensure our services are improved in line with business needs, reflecting customer needs/strengths/preferences and aspirations, where appropriate
  • Work in accordance with our values and ethics, supporting and promoting our reputation
  • Take ownership of all customer enquiries received, and progress work as far as necessary to resolve
  • Ensure customer data is handled in line with organisational policy and data protection legislation
  • Maintain effective communication with staff on all relevant issues through cascading of information and responding to, and feeding back on, ideas from the team
  • Manage complaints received and ensure relevant outcomes are communicated to customers and colleagues
  • Ensure feedback from surveys and customer feedback is properly considered by appropriate colleagues

asset management

  • Maintain an intelligent and innovative approach to asset management, ensuring that colleagues are able to understand the relative performance of properties within its portfolio and can make informed decisions on how to target investment
  • Lead responsibility for populating and maintaining the asset return model, communicating findings and options to the business
  • Development and coordination of the asset management strategy, ensuring that investment in stock is targeted to achieve an optimal return
  • Develop strategy and policy to deliver our Asset Management aims
  • Establish and maintain clear plans for the development and delivery of services as part of our wider corporate planning process
  • Anticipate possible emerging risks and performance challenges based on available information from internal and external sources, and plan accordingly
  • Manage the procurement, commissioning and interpretation of periodic stock condition surveys or other forms of independent assurance on the quality of asset data
  • Ensure homes continue to be maintained to a reasonable baseline standard meeting the requirements of the Home Standard and any other regulatory requirements as a minimum
  • Conducting option appraisals as required
  • Lead responsibility for stock disposals, remodelling and rationalisation initiatives

Planned Maintenance Programmes and Cyclical / Preventative Maintenance

  • Lead responsibility for the formulation and delivery of planned maintenance and major component renewal programmes based on continuous reappraisal of stock condition data and in line with our business plan
  • Lead responsibility for the formulation and delivery of cyclical and preventative maintenance programmes
  • Identification of key workstreams required to maintain homes to the agreed standard and maintain safety
  • Efficient, cost-effective procurement of works to deliver plans in line with our delegated authorities and financial standing orders
  • Set and maintain a strategic culture of value for money in planned and cyclical maintenance, adopting an evidence-based approach to demonstrate return on investment / savings
  • Overall responsibility for in-house teams undertaking facilities management and landscape maintenance works

Health and Safety, statutory and regulatory compliance

  • Lead responsibility for compliance with all relevant health & safety legislation and regulations relating to the maintenance and asset management service
  • Ensure that robust arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements concerning the safety and maintenance of buildings and the safety of their occupants and the general public, and that a high level of assurance can be provided to the Board on the operation of related controls
  • Ensure that a rational and proportionate approach is taken to achieving compliance with law and regulation, delivering necessary functions in as efficient and economical a manner as possible without compromising on quality or safety
  • Act as a core member of our Health & Safety Committee, supporting a strategic and holistic approach to policy making and operational implementation

Responsive Maintenance

  • Lead responsibility for the delivery of responsive maintenance and gas servicing/repairs contracts to residential and office premises
  • Delivery of a responsive repairs service that meets customer requirements and complies with our landlord obligations
  • Analysis of responsive repairs data to identify opportunities for more efficient working through packaged works and other initiatives
  • Ensure a high standard of communication with customers throughout the repairs service
  • Set and maintain a strategic culture of value for money in responsive maintenance, adopting an evidence-based approach to demonstrate return on investment / savings

Financial Control and Performance Management

  • Preparation of budgets in consultation with finance colleagues, seeking best fit between maintenance and investment priorities and our business plan
  • Contribute to the production of accurate management accounts and year end accounts
  • Ensure robust systems are in place for the financial management of work programmes, ensuring financial commitments and expenditure are accurately monitored and managed
  • Ensure departmental activities are conducted to the highest standards of transparency and probity, in line with good practice and in accordance our financial standing orders and other relevant policies
  • Efficient, cost-effective procurement of works to deliver investment plans in line with our delegated authorities and financial standing orders
  • Lead responsibility for programme and project management, ensuring contracts are delivered in line with budget and agreed standards of quality and performance
  • Comprehensive reporting of departmental performance against agreed targets and objectives through the organisation’s Balanced Scorecard, and reporting to Board / Committees and the customer-led Challenger Panel

To lead the effective running of the Asset Management & Maintenance Department and stimulate a culture of innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to deliver high levels of performance across the organisation
  • Use evidence, good practice information and knowledge obtained from professional networks to challenge the status quo and make recommendations for business improvement
  • Lead business-wide change initiatives, consulting and engaging effectively with colleagues, customers and stakeholders to deliver long term improvements
  • Undertake benchmarking to aid our understanding of relative performance and to drive improvement
  • Project work completed to agreed specification and timescales
  • Take an active role in own personal and professional development, evidencing learning and improvement

No job description can be entirely comprehensive, and the job holder will be expected to carry out such other duties as may be required from time to time and are broadly consistent with the job description and position of the post within the organisation